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m.i.m.o at decolonizing architecture

m.i.m.o is partecipating in Decolonizing Architecture, a research directed by architects Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti, Eyal Weizman and located in Bethlehem, Palestine.

The project deals with the multiple ways in which it’s possible to imagine the reuse, re-inhabitation or recycle of the architecture of Israel’s occupation at the moment it is unplugged from the military/political power that charged it.   

Several architects and artists from all over the world, with different background, are taking part in this project, that is currently shown in Gemak (Den Haag) in the frame of No Man’s Land? exhibition until 31st October, and inside the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Padiglione Italia, until 23rd November. The final set will be shown at the Bozar (Bruxelles) from 31st October to 4th January.


m.i.m.o analizing Lima [Perù]

m.i.m.o is developing a research on deserts and their uses. It is going to be part of one of our graduation tesis. One of the case studies is about Lima. An 8 milion people city, placed in the nothern part of the desert of Atacama, South America. It is the capital of Perù, a country where the economical growth is around the 8% but still a place where the differences between poor and rich people are too much evident. Read the rest of this entry »