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fire at TU Delft – incendio alla TU Delft

This morning, just before half past nine, a fire was reported at the Faculty of Architecture. At the moment no conclusive statement can be given about the exact cause of the fire. Although there is enormous relief that there have been no casualties, there is also immense sadness about the probable loss of so much research and education work – as well a historic material and collections. No indication can yet be given of the extent of the damage.

Also the Executive Board is highly concerned about this loss for students and members of staff. It has been confirmed however that all computer files that were centrally stored have been saved.

At the moment TU Delft is surveying the options for continuing the last three weeks of the current academic year and the start of the new year in September. Help and support have already been offered by various education institutions in the vicinity. A solution will also have to be found for researchers and other members of staff.

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